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Filing Resources ยป How to Handle Corrections with 1099s

How to Handle Corrections with 1099s

1099 Corrections

Need to make a correction? No problem! Here's what you must do.

W-2 Reporting

Review important requirements for employee filing.

What You Need to Know About How to Handle Corrections
with 1099s

We all make mistakes โ€“ especially when we’re manually entering lots of detailed numbers, as on a 1099.

Until reputable e-filing sites like, filing a 1099 Correction was a big hassle. First you had to track down a 1099 correction form from the IRS. Then you had to fill it out, redeliver it to the recipient and refile it with the IRS. All that just for one little miscalculation or transposed number.

Now, you can correct 1099 errors (Type 1/dollar amounts only) on, using the same single-step filing process. Just pull up the original form, make the correction, resubmit and we take care of the rest, including: supports Corrections for the 1099-MISC, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-R and 1098.

What if you filed the original elsewhere?

We support 1099 Corrections even if you didn’t file the original form with us. Simply create your account, add the recipient and select “1099 Correction” from our Filing Center. Submit the 1099 Correction and we’ll ensure prompt delivery to the recipient and the IRS.

Easily make edits before your forms are efiled

If you happen to catch your error quickly โ€“ after submitting your order but before we have e-filed your forms with the IRS โ€“ you can make the necessary edits for a nominal fee. This step saves you from having to file a 1099 Correction altogether.

If your form is eligible for editing, you will see an “Edit Data” link in the “Correct Errors” column on the Filed Forms page.

Note: If you submitted a form that should not have been filed, need to correct payer or recipient information, or need to correct any form other than those listed above, contact the IRS directly at (866) 455-7438 or refer to the IRS Guidelines for more information.

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