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How efile4Biz Works

Filing tax information returns is fast and easy with efile4Biz

You can complete your forms directly on the site in just a few minutes. (Or, for large files, check out our upload options.)


  1. Create a free account
  2. Set up your payer records
  3. Set up your recipient records
  4. Fill out the on-screen forms
  5. Review and submit your
    completed forms

Once your forms are submitted, we:

E-filing with the IRS or SSA

File daily to the IRS and/or SSA,
sometimes multiple times a day,
during tax-filing season.


Provide forms to your recipients via
e-mail, if you provide their e-mail
addresses and you select delivery
option at check out. This gives
them immediate access via a secure
link. No waiting for the mail.

Print and send

Print and send recipient forms
via first-class mail from our
SOC 2-certified facility.

Each form filed with efile4Biz includes:

E-mail notifications for
each completed step.

Printable PDFs of your forms for
up to four years after filing.

Storage of payer and
recipient data for up to four years after filing.

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