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How It Works

Filing tax information returns (1099s, 1098s, W-2s, 1042-S and ACA forms) is fast and easy on!

5 Easy Steps

You can complete your forms directly on the site in just a few minutes. (Or, for large files, check out our upload options.)

  1. Create a free account. You can try out our service – including creating and saving forms – with no obligation. You don’t pay a cent, or even enter a credit card number, until you are ready to file a form and check out.
  2. Set up your payer record(s). The "payer" is the company or other entity that paid the form recipient. If you’re preparing forms for more than one company or client, you can create additional payers under one account.
  3. Set up your recipient record(s). Enter the name, address, and SSN or TIN for each recipient (contractor, employee or other payee).  If you wish, enter recipients’ email addresses and we will offer them the option to access their forms securely online.
  4. Fill out the on-screen forms.  Our online forms look just like the paper forms from the IRS. Just select the payer and recipient from the drop-down lists and fill in the required "boxes" with the payment amounts. If you’re missing information, you can save partially completed forms in your account and return later to complete and file them.
  5. Review and submit your completed forms.  You decide which forms to submit, when you are ready. Add all your forms to the cart and check out once, or submit them in batches (by company, client or form type, for example).

We’ll take care of the rest!

What We Do

Once you’ve submitted your forms, we:

Direct-to-State Filing

Now you can file direct-to-state forms 1099-MISC for Oregon and Rhode Island, and W-2 for Georgia, Illinois and Michigan. This is in addition to the thirty-one states that are already services by the Combined Federal/State Filing program for 1099s.


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