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Inexpensive & Easy!

Our company is only in its 2nd year in business. As the office manager, I am doing everything I can to save money so that we can grow our business. My office skills are all self-taught. efile4Biz was inexpensive and very easy to do. I knew I had to file a 1099 and I wasn't sure how to do that. efile4Biz was great! I will definitely use it again!

Dixie, Cold River LLC

Susan, Team Holly CPA - Customer Review for efile4Biz
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Printing and Mailing, Too

Haha, my story is one of desperation and frugality! I needed to file only three 1099s but did not want to pay an office supply store $30 for a whole packet of 1099s that would end up in the trash. I researched online and found I looked to see if there were any bad reviews or angry customers but couldn't find any, only good comments. I don't think I've ever had an easier time filing 1099s before. I liked it so much that I used them again to file my own W-2s. The one mistake I made, which I won't make again, is that when I filed my W-2s I did not use their full package where they mail the recipient their own copy. I learned my lesson. is a smart option for small businesses because you pay only for what you need. They took care of sending the 1096 to the IRS, they sent the recipients their copies, and I was able to print off my copy right from their website. This was a great find for me. I will definitely be using them again.

Heidi, Heidi Lambert Bookkeeping and Taxes, LLC

Katie, Arightco, INC - Customer Review for efile4Biz
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No Wasted Forms

We are a small 2-person business with only one 1099-MISC vendor. For years we felt stuck buying forms from office supply companies that sell them in 20 per pack packages. We disliked having to buy more than we would ever need and spending the money for it. So HAPPY to find efile4Biz! It was quick and easy and cost efficient. Will use them from now on!

Sharon, Ruhmann Associates, LLC

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Paperless Office

I switched to e-filing because I liked what you had to offer. The cost was within range, I didn’t have to order the forms or deal with filing paper forms (or mailing them) and this appealed to me. I liked that filling out the information on your website was easy and navigating it was simple. I try to do as much as I can electronically and your website fit the bill for what I was looking for.

Victoria, CRTP

Robert, Synaptixgames - Customer Review for efile4Biz
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Convenient & Reliable

This is my first year using efile4Biz. In the past, my accountant has done it for me and charged me over $100. This year I had a new payroll company and when I signed up in the beginning of 2016 I was told they will file my 1099-MISC forms for no charge as part of their service. When I contacted them at the beginning of January 2017, they said that information had to be supplied to them by Dec. 31, 2016. News to me! And then they told me it would cost me $200 to have them file them now since I was “late”. That’s when I found efile4Biz using a Google search. I filed 8 or 9 1099-MISCs for a total cost of around $35. It was easy and reliable. I even had to go back and make a change on one form, and that was handled easily as well. Bottom line is efile4Biz saved me money and I trusted that my forms would be filed correctly and on time.

Diane, Top Practices, LLC

Alex, TT Auto Sales - Customer Review for efile4Biz
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Corrections and Mailings

I e-filed with someone else and made an error, but they couldn't process corrections. Then I found out that could do corrections even if I didn't originally file with efile4Biz. That was great!!! We’re going to change to for the whole process next year since they do mailings also.

Chet, Lighthouse Christian Products Co

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easy to make corrections

This is not our first year filing; I have been using efile4Biz since 2012 and one of the residential attorneys filed with efile4Biz before me. E-filing saves me a ton of time, I enter the 1099s as soon as I receive them so the client is in the system and I start filing in December so I don’t wait for the last minute in case I get busy with other work-related issues. E-filing is very easy and fixing mistakes is just as easy. I e-filed 87 1099s and 3 corrections. I would definitely recommend it to friends and colleagues.

Anne Marie, Cassin & Cassin LLP

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saves time & money

I use efile4Biz because it is so easy. This is my second year using the service. We only need a small number of forms each year and your service saves us time and money. I have recommended your service to other small businesses and plan to continue using it in the future.

Kelly, Accounting Contractor

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