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Mistakes Happen … Fix Them in a Flash
with Easy, Online Corrections

Mistakes Happen … Fix Them in a Flash with Easy, Online Corrections

When you’re handling lots of detailed information with 1099 and W-2 tax forms, you’re bound to make mistakes. But correcting them is easier than ever with our all-inclusive service.
Whether you transposed a number, missed a digit or miscalculated a payment, you can e-file Type 1 corrections (dollar values only) * in a few simple steps. Even better, you can rely on us to handle these corrections, whether you originally e-filed with us or another online service.

To e-file a Type 1 correction:

  1. If the original was filed with us, log into your account, click on the Order History tab, find the form and click on the “File a Correction” link to the far right. (Please note: If the link says, “Temporarily Unavailable,” you will need to wait until the form is accepted by the IRS/SSA.) Or If you e-filed the original form on a different website, click the Filing Center tab then the Correction Forms sub tab, and then select the correction form from the list of correction forms presented.
  2. Make the correction.
  3. Resubmit the form with payment.

That’s it! After you submit your corrected form, we’ll file the correction directly with the IRS/SSA, and then mail an updated form to your recipient if E-File & Delivery is selected.

For more information on handling corrections, including additional forms we support, go to

*Be aware: Not every situation is open for corrections. If you submitted a form that we do not support corrections on -- or need to correct payer or recipient information – you must contact the IRS directly at (866) 455-7438.

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