Form 1099-C Instructions & Tax Reporting Pointers

What You Need to Know About Form 1099-C

Cancellation of Debt

The 1099-C is used to report the cancellation of $600 or more in debt owed to you by an individual, corporation, partnership, trust, estate, association or company. A debt is any amount owed to the organization what is below, including stated principal, stated interest, fees, penalties, administrative costs and fines. The amount of debt canceled may be all or only part of the total amount owed.

A 1099-C must be filed regardless of whether the recipient chooses to report the debt as taxable income. Also, coverage only applies to underlying debts incurred by the debtor, and not to fraudulent debt canceled due to identity theft.

Applicable businesses: Domestic banks, trust companies, building and loan associations, savings and loan associations, credit unions, Federal Deposit Insurance Company, any Federal executive agency, including government corporation, any military department, US Postal Service, Postal rate commission, any organization who is in the business of lending money such as a finance company or credit card company (whether or not you are affiliated to a financial institution), resolution trust corporations, national credit union administrations and other financial institutions.

When to file: 1099-C forms must be mailed to recipients by January 31, and e-filed with the IRS by March 31 each year.

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