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A Quicker, Easier Way to Handle 1099 Corrections

A Quicker, Easier Way to Handle 1099 Corrections

Correcting a 1099 Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Mistakes happen — especially when you’re manually entering lots of detailed numbers in a 1099 tax form.

Correcting a 1099 used to be a big hassle. First you had to track down the form from the IRS, then you had to fill it out, redeliver it to the recipient and re-file it with the IRS. All that just for one little miscalculation or transposed number!

Why It Makes Sense to File a Corrected 1099 Online

Now you can correct 1099 errors (Type 1/dollar amounts only) in a few easy steps. Just pull up the original form online, make the correction, resubmit and will take care of the rest.

We print and mail a corrected 1099 to the recipient. (Or if you provide the recipient’s email address, we can offer the recipient the option to download the form immediately for faster delivery.) Then, of course, we file the 1099 Correction with the IRS on your behalf.

For your convenience, we support corrections for the 1099-MISC,
1099-INT, 1099-S and1099-DIV.

A Quicker, Easier Way to Handle 1099 Corrections

Avoid Penalties with Prompt and Error-Free Filings

Due to the possible penalties, it’s essential that you strive for accurate and timely 1099 filings. Should you not file a correct 1099 by the due date — and you can’t show a reasonable cause — you may face a penalty. Penalties apply if you don’t file on time, you don’t include all the required information or you put incorrect information on the form.

Additional penalties may be imposed if you file on paper when you’re required to file electronically, you report an incorrect TIN (or don’t report one at all) or you file paper forms that aren’t machine readable.

Prevent Common Errors with 1099-MISC Forms

A few simple precautions can make a big difference when completing a 1099-MISC:

  • Don’t enter 0 or “none” in any of the boxes (if a box doesn’t apply to your business, leave it blank).
  • Don’t omit the decimal point and cents from entries.
  • Don’t add dollar signs to the money-amount boxes.
  • Don’t make entries that are too small or large – use 12-pt. Courier font, if possible.
  • Don’t use a 1099-MISC to report employee wages! The W-2 is used for this purpose.

If paper filing ...

  • Don’t use ink that is too light to make entries — only use black ink.
A Quicker, Easier Way to Handle 1099 Corrections

Correct 1099-MISC Forms with Us, Even if You Filed Somewhere Else

Did you know we support 1099 Corrections, even if you didn’t file the original form with us?

All you need to do is create an account, add the recipient and select “Correction Forms” from our Filing Center. Submit the 1099 Correction and we’ll ensure prompt delivery to the recipient and the IRS.

Save Steps by Correcting a 1099 MISC Before We E-File It

Should you notice your error early — after submitting your order but before we have e-filed your forms with the IRS — you can make the necessary edits for a nominal fee. This immediate action can save you from having to file a 1099 Correction altogether!

To check if your form is eligible for editing, look for an “Edit Data” link in the Correct Errors column on the Filed Forms page.

Be aware: Not every situation is open for corrections. If you submitted a form that shouldn’t have been filed, need to correct payer or recipient information, or need to correct any form other than those listed above, you’ll need to contact the IRS directly at (866) 455-7438 or refer to the IRS Guidelines for more information.

A Quicker, Easier Way to Handle 1099 Corrections
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