Get Ready for this Tax Season

Tax Season Changes

New Features to Make E-Filing Even Easier!

Are you ready to e-file, print and mail your 2022 tax information returns? We are ready for you. We’ve added some features that we think will help make using efile4Biz even more efficient for you.

Among the changes you will see this tax season:

Finding Work in Progress – We have added additional filters in Forms in Progress, Filed Forms and My Cart. The available filters vary from section to section based on relevance. Some additional filters include: Payers, Filing Status, and Team Member (for subscription customers) that submitted the form.

TIN Matching Process – Now you are able to submit your requests for TIN Matching prior to having all your form data ready. From the Dashboard, you can download the template called “Import Payers and Recipients”. You can enter all your payer and recipient data, upload the file, select TIN matching, and check out. Approximately 48 business hours later you will be able to check for mismatches and correct them prior to submitting forms, preventing unnecessary errors and possible penalties.

Subscription Services – Should you want to further enhance your e-filing experience, we have added a second level of subscription for customers that have larger teams and need a different level of service, learn more here.

Note: If you have a Plus subscription purchased between 11/1/2021 and 10/2/2022, you will be grandfathered in and have unlimited TIN Matching and can maintain your existing users if more than 10.

Form Credits – efile4Biz has tiered pricing - meaning the more you buy, the lower the cost each form becomes. However, in the past, if you didn't want to submit all your forms in one transaction, you didn't receive the best pricing. Now if you are a Plus or Premium subscriber, you can purchase credits based on your expected number of forms and then check out as you go, getting the tiered pricing discount. The credits are automatically debited from your account and you can keep track of your credits on your dashboard. This feature is easy to use and is designed to save money if you have many forms to complete. (This feature will be available beginning in November.) Unused Form Credits expire at the end of the season; they cannot be carried over from season to season.

Service Bureau – If you have more than 300 forms and would like our team to prepare and process the files for you, learn more here.

User Friendliness - We’ve continued to modify efile4Biz to improve functionality and speed including expanding validations and advancing the user interface to be more intuitive.

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