New This Tax Season

Documents to Legally Establish Independent Contractor Status

We've completely revamped the e-filing experience drawing upon years of customer feedback and product expertise as the industry pioneer in e-file, print and mail services. Throughout the platform, tasks are streamlined to save time in filing and to make the process more intuitive. And while many things have changed, the things you know and love remain the same:

  • Quick and easy setup and processing
  • Reliability and professionalism
  • Compliance intelligence to reduce form errors
  • Inexpensive, full-service print and mail as well as e-file only options

Here are some new features that will accelerate filing your 2020 1099s and W-2s:

Bulk Form Importing & Editing: Our revamped Import process validates your form data and ensures you can make changes quickly and easily without having to go back into Excel. Better process, fewer rejected forms.

Guided Form: With information reporting being a once a year task, it is hard to remember the process from 12 months ago! To lessen the pain of trying to remember the steps, a new guided experience has been added. Now, the platform will step you through the process of adding a payer and recipient and speed you on the way to completing your form.

QuickBooks Online 1099 Import: We've created a new guided process to help you map payer, recipient, 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC form data from QuickBooks Online making it easy to create your forms for vendors and more.

Detailed Payer & Recipient Management: We've retooled how Payers and Recipients are managed to provide you with quick filters and filing history that makes it a breeze to track season progress.

Team Members: For customers that want multiple team members to assist with filing, our new Plus Subscription ($149/year) allows up to 10 users to perform data entry, form filing, reporting and more. Additionally, with this subscription, you automatically get TIN Matching for all entered payers and recipients at no additional cost.

Form 1099-NEC This new form replaces 1099-MISC box 7 for reporting non-employee compensation (NEC). Form 1099-MISC is still available for other reporting purposes, you just don’t need it for NEC.

Individual TIN Matching: Save time and money by avoiding B-Notices and penalties of up to $100 per incorrect Tax Identification Number (TIN) through TIN Matching. We’ve made requesting TIN Matching significantly easier and cheaper ($1.00/record). And the status of TINs (both recipients and payers) are highlighted throughout.

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