Make the Leap to E-filing: The Ultimate Solution for Easier, More Efficient 1099, W-2 and ACA Filing

E Filing vs Paper Filing

In today’s increasingly digital world, it should come as no surprise that electronic tax filing is replacing old, manual processes. Businesses are no longer restricted to time-consuming and cumbersome paper or software-driven tax filing. Instead, they are turning to reputable, IRS-authorized e-file providers like to file online and save valuable time and money.

Why should your business make the switch to e-filing? Let’s take a closer look at how paper filing and software filing compare to today’s faster, more efficient e-filing:

Paper filing vs. E-filing

  1. Problem: The cost of a pack of forms (often 25 or more) when you only need a handful

    Solution: Whether you’re filing one form or thousands, you pay for only the exact number of 1099s, W-2 and ACA forms you file online

  2. Problem: The time it takes to complete multiple forms

    Solution: You can upload data all at once with our Excel templates, or import directly from QuickBooks, Xero and other options to save even more time

  3. Problem: The time involved to print and mail multiple forms

    Solution: As a turn-key service, efile4Biz takes care of printing and mailing forms to your recipients, as well as e-filing your forms directly with the IRS or SSA

  4. Problem: Having to fill out Form 1096 and/or W-3

    Solution: You can skip this step, because efile4Biz automatically calculates the totals and transmits the information electronically

  5. Problem: Security risks when mailing forms

    Solution: efile4Biz prints and mails forms from a SOC-certified and HIPAA-compliant facility for maximum data security

  6. Problem: Potential for mistakes and lost forms

    Solution: A previously complicated process is made easy with efile4Biz, as corrections can be filed online and lost forms reprinted

  7. Problem: Additional recordkeeping responsibilities

    Solution: Recordkeeping is consolidated with efile4Biz since there’s no need to save and print copies for offline storage; plus, you have full access to your filed forms for at least four years

  8. Problem: Environmental wastage with paper

    Solution: Digital files and transmission reduce wasted paper and ink.

Software filing vs. E-filing

  1. Problem: Cost of software

    Solution: Creating an account on efile4Biz is free – you don’t pay until you submit forms for processing

  2. Problem: Taking the time to download or install software on your computer or network

    Solution: Everything functions online, “in the cloud” with efile4Biz, so you don’t have to involve IT staff or risk technical glitches on your end

  3. Problem: Keeping up with software upgrades

    Solution: When efile4Biz updates forms or adds new features, it makes the changes automatically on the website, which means you never have to pay for a software upgrade – just the services you use

  4. Problem: Printer mishaps with forms

    Solution: Avoid misalignment issues, paper jams and wasted forms with efile4Biz, which populates your data in the necessary online forms

It all adds up with e-filing

As you can see, efile4Biz is the smart and secure way to file and deliver 1099, W-2 and ACA forms. Unlike paper filing and software, e-filing offers:

  • Convenience – Simply follow the step-by-step prompts when e-filing. The process is clear, simple and quick, supported by knowledgeable Customer Service reps and helpful online tutorials.
  • Affordability – Again, you only pay for the number of forms you file, even it’s only one or two. The upfront cost of paper forms and software is eliminated.
  • Less work – Because e-filing is streamlined and efficient, you save valuable staff time associated with printing, mailing and manually submitting forms.
  • State-of-the-art security – All data you enter on efile4Biz is encrypted under strict IRS guidelines and printed from our high-security, SOC-certified and HIPAA-compliant print and mail facility.
  • Flexibility – Online 1099, W-2 and ACA forms look just like the paper forms from the IRS, but they allow you to fill in information as needed, even returning to partially completed forms to complete later.
  • Accuracy – We support corrections, even if you didn’t file the original form with us. No need to track down the correct IRS form or submit it manually.

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