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Concierge Services

What is the process for using Concierge Services?

Efile4Biz is designed as a do-it-yourself service. However, if you have large filings you’d like to outsource, you can take advantage of Concierge Services through our partner company, ComplyRightSB. For more information on any of these services, click here to complete a form with your contact details. A representative will get back to you via email within 2 business days.

Services available through ComlyRightSB include:

E-File to IRS/SSA
E-file forms to IRS and/or SSA.
500 records minimum per file/form type. Custom pricing.

Print & Mail to Recipients
Print and mail forms to recipients.
500 records minimum per file/form type. Custom pricing.

Bulk Delivery
Ship recipient copies to a single location for distribution.
$100 per file plus shipping expenses. File must be submitted before 1/20/2019.

Ship CD w/Images to Requestor
Add-on service with e-file, print and mail services.
$100/CD per file plus shipping expenses.
Files processed from 1/25-2/3/2019. CDs will be created and shipped after 2/3/2019.

SSN Masking
Mask first 5 digits of the recipient SSN/EIN on 1099s.
$0.01 per record (minimum $25).

Bulk TIN Matching
Verification process for EINs and SSNs to ensure accurate TIN/name combinations for
payer and payee data. Pre-season data preparation service available November-December.
 $149.95/file (maximum 100,000 records per file).

Data Conversion/Technical Support
Format data from customer’s file into necessary fields for completion of IRS/SSA forms.
$90/hour (minimum $45).

CASS/NCOA Report                     
Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS)/National Change of Address (NCOA) address verification through U.S. Postal Service to correct mailing addresses.
10,000 maximum records/lines per file.
Pre-season data preparation service available October - December.

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