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Easily File and Deliver
1099 and W-2 Forms Online

Get all-inclusive print, mail and e-file services quickly,
efficiently and securely — for just $1.25 to $3.95 per form.View pricing

Easy online 1099 filing
Quick & Easy Setup
Our easy-to-use interface will have you filing your tax forms in just minutes so you can spend time on what matters most to you.
Full service filing
Full Service Filing
With traditional software, you do most of the work. Instead, enter your data and let us process, print, mail, and file for you.
Secure 1099 e-filing
State-of-the-Art Security
Your business is in good hands. As an authorized e-file provider, we're commited to secure and accurate e-filing.
Faster than filing paper forms

Whether you're filing one form or thousands, filing your 1099s and W-2s online eliminates steps, saving you precious time. Simply fill out your form(s) directly and securely on our website and submit your order. We take care of printing and mailing the forms to your recipients, as well as e-filing your forms directly with the IRS or SSA.

  • Skip filling out Form 1096 or W-3, because we automatically calculate the totals and transmit that information electronically,
    as well.
  • Have lots of forms to file? Upload them all at once with our Excel templates, or import directly from QuickBooks to save even more time.
  • The forms you need, at your fingertips. We support the following forms: 1099 (MISC, B, C, DIV, INT, R, S), 1099 Corrections-Type 1, W-2, 1098, 1098-T, 1042-S, W-2C.
Easier than software

Our simple, end-to-end, cloud-based service eliminates the need for cumbersome business tax filing software you have to download or methods that require printing on forms and envelopes.

  • No need to download and install software on your computer or network. Access your records and forms on from anywhere.
  • Updates and new features are free and automatic. You'll never have to purchase a software upgrade -just pay for the services you use.
  • Maintain access to your filed forms and records for at least four years. No need to save and print copies for offline storage.
Who Uses eFile4Biz

Businesses use eFile4Biz to save on the labor costs of printing, mailing and manually submitting forms to the IRS

Accountants and Tax Preparers use eFile4Biz to maintain and file forms for multiple clients under one account every year.

Everyone can use eFile4Biz to save precious time by filing online through our secure website.

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